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Customer : Zeinab - March 18th 2014
Comment : Dear Varesh, got the labels love them thank you very much best regards zeinab

Customer : Cedrik Faison - February 26th 2014
Comment : I've received the labels and want to thank you very much. I'll be in touch with you soon because I will need more labels in the near future . The Urban Polymath

Customer : Karen Rousseau - February 24th 2014
Comment : I received the labels They are just what I asked for. Also thank you for the extra ones. Karen Rousseau

Customer : Stacey Christian - February 21st 2014
Comment : Hi Sumana, I just wanted to let you know that the labels were delivered to me today. They look great. Thank you so much!

Customer : shamina mohammed - February 19th 2014
Comment : Hello Sumana ,I received my labels today .They look very nice . Thank you , Shamina.

Customer : Trina Thai - February 5th 2014
Comment : Thanks so much for your fantastic customer service. Love dealing with your company. Regards, Trina Thai

Customer : Sandi Kowalyshyn - February 4th 2014
Comment : Hi there, Just received labels, they look great! Thank you again. Sandi Kowalyshyn

Customer : Erin Stewart Hill - January 25th 2014
Comment : The labels arrived this week and look terrific. Thanks so much!

Customer : Rita Adams - January 24th 2014
Comment : I just received the labels today and they are beautiful! Thank you so much. If I start to get low on them, I will definitely order more. Have a wonderful day.

Customer : Josie Barallon - January 21st 2014
Comment : Hi Sumana Picked up the labels today, thank you very much, really happy with it. Kind regards Josie KREOLE TRADING

Customer : Miranda Collinge - January 16th 2014
Comment : Hi Sumana, I have received the labels and they look great. Many thanks for the prompt and efficient service. Best wishes, Miranda

Customer : Jocelyn Curry - September 17th 2013
Comment : Dear Sumana, My labels were here at my house when I returned home today. They are perfect! I love the size, the colors, and the fact that I won't need to turn the ends under when sewing them on. Just great. Thanks so much for the excellent product and the excellent service.

Customer : Pam Clements - September 12th 2013
Comment : The labels came today and they look great! Thank you. Pam

Customer : Lyn Cargo - August 29th 2013
Comment : The labels are beautiful!! I am very pleased with them!! I will definitely recommend your services to my friends. Thank you, Lyn

Customer : Lynda Connell - August 21st 2013
Comment : Just wanted you to know the labels I ordered arrived. Thank you so much as they are very inportant to me. My Mother passed and left bags full of yarn so I am crocheting blankets in her memory for the entire family and wanted the family to know it was mom's (Lottie Mae's) yarn. I am very pleased with your product so again Thank you.

Customer : Ruth Bañón Méndez - August 14th 2013
Comment : Hi Sumana! I just received the labels. Thank you very much, I'm very happy with the result. Great work

Customer : Angela R - August 10th 2013
Comment : I received my labels about a week ago! Thank you! I love them!

Customer : Linda Fairchild - July 30th 2013
Comment : Hello Sumana, The labels came registered mail today. They are very beautiful – thank you very much. Linda

Customer : Dawn Dubrul - July 28th 2013
Comment : Dear Sumana K I received my labels today :-) they are very nice I thank you very much

Customer : Beverly Cook - July 20th 13
Comment : Dear Sumana - Labels arrived today. They are perfect! Many thanks, Beverly Cook

Customer : Denise Rice - July 16th 2013
Comment : Hello I absolutely love the labels that you all made for me they are great, thank you so much! Also if I wanted to order more of the same kind just adding a word how do I go about doing that? Please get back with me soon regarding this request. Thank you, The Bella Lynn Collection

Customer : Narelle Smith - July 8th
Comment : Hello Sumana, I picked up the labels today, they are everything I wanted they are beautiful. I am going to show them to some interested friends next Saturday, even if they don't want any I will be ordering more. I ordered the minimum number to make sure they were what I wanted, as they are perfect I will be ordering more, I am only waiting to see if my friends want any. Thankyou Narelle

Customer : Teresa Heritage - July 7th 13
Comment : I received the labels and they are awesome!! Thank you, Teresa

Customer : Laura Arpo - July 4th 13
Comment : Dear Sumana, The labels arrived yesterday. I am more than pleased with the outcome. The labels look really-really good and the qulity is excellent. Thank You so much for your help. Also, thank You for the quick delivery. Until the next time! Regards, Laura

Customer : Anne Lewis - June 13rd 13
Comment : Sumana K. I received the labels today and they look great. Thanks so much

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