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Name Tapes


Label Info

These satin woven labels are perfect for naming your clothing or give a professional look to your handicrafts.

Label Type : Satin Woven Label
Label Dimension : Width: Approx. Half Inch
Length: Dependable on number of characters.
Maximum Characters : 20 Characters.
Additional Note : Text will be center aligned vertically and horizontally.


Postage & Handling
(US$) *
Total Cost
50 $25.45 $6.50 $31.95
100 $35.25 $6.50 $41.75
250 $45.50 $8.25 $53.75
500 $101.25 $9.5 $110.75
1000 $130.50 $10.25 $140.75
The following automatic preview system works best with IE 7 or above, Firefox 3.5 or above. If you are experiencing trouble, please try typing 1 letter at a time and letting the auto preview show up before typing the next letter.

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Label Preview


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